Breathe Medical Manufacturing

Breathe Medical Manufacturing Ltd. (Breathe Medical™) designs, manufactures and distributes disposable surgical procedure masks and N95 particulate respirators. Breathe Medical™ services multiple global markets including medical, health & beauty, industrial and food & beverage processing plants.

Our facility is located in in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and currently produces ASTM medical levels 1, 2 and 3 masks and N95 respirator masks for the Canadian and United States markets. Breathe Medical is focused on filling a need in the marketplace in which most of the world’s supply of surgical masks are manufactured in China. Breathe Medical provides Canadian and USA retailers, distributors, and citizens with a safe and stable North American supply chain manufactured in Canada.


At the forefront of our manufacturing, our process is to the North American quality control standards. This includes sourcing quality raw materials, consistent production processes and utilization of a sterile clean ISO 8 environment and employee cleanliness.


Breathe Medical Manufacturing has been issued a Medical Device Establishment Licence from the Medical Devices Compliance and Licencing Unit of Health Canada.

Licence Number: 11618

Breathe Medical Manufacturing Ltd.
British Columbia